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Symmys 画板

4.6 ( 6416 ratings )
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Geliştirici: ziyang wen

When inspiration comes, you can doodle on Symmys; with only a few minutes, an aesthetically pleasing pattern can be created. The drawing process will generate corresponding music according to the position of your finger, which allows you to experience the beauty of rhythm of graphics and music.

One finger drag: draw graphics
Double-click on one finger: generate symmetry pattern
Two-finger drag: set symmetrical number pattern
Three-finger click: clear the canvas

[Mode Switching]
Use the slider on the main menu to switch to a different color mode. We provide four elegant monochrome modes and one polychrome mode.

Symmys is a generation design tool with which you can freely do graphic creations to your creativity and imagination, anytime and anywhere.

[Save and Share]
You can save your image to the maximum resolution of your device and share with friends, or applied to your design works.

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